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About Us

Vintage Clothing Limited is a premier streetwear brand that was born out of the free thinking and creative spirit of the underground music and art cultures. Vintage was forged by the same mentality and creative spirit that drives basement producers, lyrical wordsmiths, crate digging-vinyl loving deejays, skaters, b-boys and b-girls, graffiti writers, and music lovers the world over. Fed up with the mediocre mainstream brands from malls and major department stores we decided to create our own brand that fit our personalities and fueled our creative minds. Those with the Heart of a Lion™ stand up!

Aside from all that you think you know about the word Vintage its true definition means "classic" and "timeless". Most fashion these days lean heavily on the latest trends that are here today and gone tomorrow. Trends do not last and there is no longevity or innovation in doing what everyone else is doing simply for the sake of chasing a dollar. We are redefining the term "Vintage" back to its true essence and setting out to design timeless, fashionable items that are true to our artistic roots.

Launched on May 5th 2007, Vintage Clothing Limited became an independent, art focused, quality driven streetwear brand featuring premium apparel for Men and Women. All of our apparel is privately made and each item endures our obsession for quality and design. The urban themes often seen on our products are inspired by our culture that consists of the music we listen to, the things we see, the styles we prefer, and the art we love to create.

Our collection of apparel is two fold. We carry a line called the "Signature Series" which is our everyday wear – lifestyle apparel. These are unique color combinations and graphics based on our brand identity. Each of these premium items push the limits of decorative techniques including high-end screen printing and embroidery to be innovative and fresh. Special focus is put on premium comfort and everlasting durability.

The foundation of our brands namesake and its split identity is found in our "Limited Edition" Art Print series. These specially made, limited availability items are collector edition art prints on apparel. Essentially they are collectible and wearable art! Each one of these limited edition shirts come hand numbered on the back of the fabric labels and also come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. Some buy to collect. Others buy to wear a truly unique and rare original. Either way our enthusiasts consistently compliment the quality of our products.

Currently we offer t-shirts, hoodies and other accessories with plans to expand our brand to denim and various items in the near future. What you see in our online store is our debut collection which we are constantly updating with new items. Each new season we will launch a new collection and continue to expand our catalog. Information about new items will be sent out through our email list and then added to the web store. Please be sure to sign up on our mailing list to receive these updates. Retailer inquires are welcome.

The founders of Vintage Clothing Limited consist of Shaun Burkowski and Eric Nine.

Vintage Clothing Limited is based out of Baltimore, Maryland and Atlanta, Georgia. We ship nationally to the entire United States and we ship Internationaly all around the World.