An Interview with Mixtape Specialist, DJ Ykcor

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Trey P: Tell me a little bit about yourself. How did you get started as a hip hop DJ?

Ykcor: I’m an ‘80s baby so the hip hop scene was the main scene growing up and I just took to it. I loved everything about it and when certain artist hit the scene then that was it for me. I was hooked!

Trey P: How did you come about your DJ name/handle?

Ykcor: It’s Rocky backwards. At the time everyone called me Rocky. So a close friend of mine (R.I.P.) had the suggestion to just flip it and have the “Y” make the “Ya” sound like it does. So that was it. It was completely original and unique, so it was perfect! In the business, originality is what helps to brand you to the fullest.

Trey P: You’re known for doing mixtapes. Really good mixtapes. What’s the difference between DJing at a club and DJing over mixtapes other than the obvious fact that one offers a live crowd and the other doesn’t?

Ykcor: Clubs are a lot of fun and I’ve done the clubs for years, but right now I’m focusing on mixtapes and bringing the true feel of what a mixtape is back to the people. Mixtapes have gone sour over the years. You have a lot of iPod DJs now, which are people that ain’t DJs, they just play one song after another and call themselves that and that ain’t what a mixtape or DJ stands for! I’m doing this because I love it and the support I get from friends and fans keeps me doing it and loving what I do more! So this is for hip hop, for the public, for the fans and to bring mixtapes back. All them DJs that are faking out there put a bad name to what a DJ is or is not supposed to be and I’m here to help reclaim all that and show people why real DJs still run this industry and deserve the credit for their hard work.

Trey P: How did you get hooked up with Coast2Coast, the premier mixtape site on the Internet?

Ykcor: When I started doing mixtapes, I just got on my grind real heavy and approached Coast2Coast about being a part of the team. They did their research as they always do and seen what I was doing and my future in all this so they welcomed me and that was it from there. Since I’ve been with Coast2Coast they have seen my work ethic and they support me 100% now.

Trey P: Who are some of the big names you’ve set the stage for in the course of your career?

Ykcor: Amerie, Fat Joe and the Terror Squad, Foxy Brown, Juelz Santana, The Franchize Boyz…the list goes on and on.

Trey P: Can you run through the equipment you currently work with for aspiring DJs out there? And on that same level, what equipment should a DJ start with?

Ykcor: I use all the best equipment…Tech 12′s, Rane TTM-57 with Serato. That’s all you need (laughs). As far as starting out, just save your money and get the best you can, reselling worthless stuff is impossible to do and if so you will lose so much of what you paid. If you have to start small then do so but also understand that you can’t do it on cheap stuff what you will be able to do on the professional stuff. So know what you’re getting into and research before you buy anything less then the best.

Trey P: With all that you’ve accomplished, someone might ask, why Reading, PA? Why not L.A., New York, Chicago?

Ykcor: It’s where I’m from, but I don’t do much here anymore. I have family here and it’s a place I call home, but I travel a lot to do what I need to.

Trey P: Who are you currently working with and what are you working on?

Ykcor: Right now I am working with a few different artists on production, promotions, mixing, and mastering – stuff like that. I pretty much do it all, a little bit of everything, “jack of all trades, master of none” (laughs).

Trey P: How important is fashion for a man who is behind the turntables and not front and center on stage?

Ykcor: We are up on stage, in front of the crowd too with all eyes on us, so if you ain’t looking good or don’t have anything exclusive on then change. The more exclusive your clothing is then the more exclusive your image is! That’s why I like lines like Vintage Clothing Limited, because “Limited” actually means just that. They only making a 100 of this or 200 of that so it keeps you exclusive and keeps your image tight cause the quality and look of the clothes is unbeatable in other clothing lines I have seen!

Trey P: When someone picks up a DJ Ykcor mixtape, what can they expect their experience to be like?

Ykcor: They’ll hear a real DJ. I spin, cut, mix and so on and play a good variety of music from all across the board. All I can say is check one out. I got everything on there and they are truly “real” mixtapes!

Trey P: Anyone or anything you’d like to plug at this moment and what’s in store for Ykcor in 2010?

Ykcor: Everybody! If I were to make a list, you would run out of pages (laughs). I just wanna thank everyone who helps support the movement and everyone that shows me love through my ventures. Shouts to the other real DJs out here, all the artists that support me and what I do, magazines, clothing lines, and all the promotional outlets that work with me. Coast2Coast, Fleet DJs, The Mixtape Syndicate and so on. Thank you all. Without you, I wouldn’t be! As far as the future of the DJ Ykcor movement, all I can say is sit back and enjoy the ride. I ain’t going nowhere and you will see a lot in the years to come!

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