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The Spotlight Show hosted by Trey P and mixed by DJ Ykcor

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Make sure you tune into Revolt Radio every Saturday night at 10 pm EST and hear great interviews with artists both making moves and at the top of their game. The radio program is an hour-long featuring new music by a select artist mixed with an exclusive interview with that artist. In the past we’ve featured Raheem DeVaughn, Wale, Cas Metah, Phife Dawg (from A Tribe Called Quest), and Bobby Creekwater.

With over 250,000 subscribers, Revolt Radio is packed with original programming including music you’ve never heard before. Our unsigned artist hour with DJ Nominal is also a popular program where you’ll hear the best that the underground hip hop universe has to offer.

If you’re an artist and you’re interested in submitting your music for rotation consideration, visit the website and check us out!


We’re still alive and kicking it

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Don’t you hate when your favorite t-shirt companies have their proverbial blogs that they struggle to update with any consistency? Don’t you hate when they drop clothes without any preliminary press only to find out that when you visit their websites weeks later they are out of your sizes already? We don’t want to be one of those.

We’re still alive at Vintage…we’ve just been busy preparing some new drops and endeavoring like never before to get more things moving. We’re proud to have been the official sponsor of the Smokin’ Needles Tour that hit overseas this past month with Chip Fu, Phife Dawg, and DJ Rasta Root, and we’ve got more big news on the way. We also want to extend a sincere thank you to our fan base and every one who is reaching deep into their pockets to cop some of our fresh gear. We appreciate the love and support.

I moved into the position this month of officially managing all of Wordsmith’s activities. This has been a very challenging role for me, but one I’ve adapted to nicely. Wordsmith has too much going on to be laboring himself and as opportunities continue to come in, Vintage Clothing will be there as well. From an incredible set of shows at SOBs in New York City to the album release party at the Eye Bar in DC on March 30, 2010, to nearly 20 interviews with radio DJs over the past few weeks, his schedule continues to be non-stop. And there’s even more coming down the pike. If you guys haven’t copped the new Vintage Experience album by Wordsmith, go visit Amazon or iTunes and pick up a digital copy. I’m sure you’ll find its material is definitely for the discerning hip hop critic.

As far as our Atlanta sponsorship goes, 4-IZE recently came together with Wordsmith for a track that will be featured on his new mix tape scheduled to drop in June. Meanwhile, 4-IZE has his own thing doing. As I write this, he is putting the finishing touches on his new album AwesoMania and is even opening for Bones, Thugs, and Harmony tonight.

In the meantime, I’ve got a new review of Braille’s Weapon Aid album that is dropping in a few weeks. You can also read my exclusive interview with Braille on all that’s been happening in his music and life at www.sphereofhiphop.com

Don’t forget to check out my new radio show exclusively on Revolt Radio www.revoltradio.com Last week I spoke with Cas Metah of the Scribbling Idiots about his music and the role of God in music. This week, I’ll be flying to the opposite end of the spectrum to talk with DMV’s own Whitefolkz (yes, despite the plurality, Folkz is one dude) as he prepares to drop his highly anticipated mix tape AlphaDogg.

I won’t speak for Shaun or Eric, but I assure you they have their hands full as well. So know that when you are out and about wearing our products, our blood, sweat, and tears go into every item – well, not literally, but hey, if you do get some sweat on your shirt it washes out! Blood may be a different story!

I wish I could spill the beans on a few things, but I’m sworn to secrecy until we’ve finalized some things. Just know that good things are happening at Vintage Clothing Limtied. We’ve got you covered.


Our Limo Contest a Success for the Wordsmith Album Release Party

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Vintage Limited took a ride to DC’s famous Eye Bar on Tuesday March 30th to honor Wordsmith on the release of his debut album Vintage Experience. And we brought along with us two winners for our “Ride with Wordsmith in a Limo” contest. Those winners were Heathyr Dozier and Emily Behles both of Baltimore, Md. The two ladies accompanied Shaun B and myself along with Wordsmith, Kontact, Strada, BK, Whitefolkz, and a few other select guests in a stretch black Excursion limousine. Once at the club, Wordsmith rocked the mic, we hung out a bit, and then hoped back in the limo so everyone got home safe and sound.

If your interested in seeing more photo’s from the event then head on over to our Facebook page and check out the photo album.


Trey P talks with DJ Rasta Root from the Big ATL

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

rasta root

DJ Rasta Root is well known in the ATL area for promoting “true school” hip hop, and reinvigorating interest in silver era hip hop at hot spot night clubs where he is turning on a whole new generation to the sounds of the pioneers. Root is also known for his world-class J-Dilla tribute mixtapes.

Hear more when Trey P interviews DJ Rast Root for Revolt Radio and learn his thoughts on DJing, the best crowds for hip hop, and his affiliation with Phife and the Smokin’ Needles label!



Trey P interviews Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest

Thursday, March 18th, 2010


If you haven’t headed over to our affiliate Revolt Radio, then you’re missing some great content, including this exclusive interview I did with Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest. No reading this one. Just sit back and listen.

And if you don’t know by now, Vintage Limited is the official clothing sponsor of the Smokin’ Needles Tour which features Phife Dawg, DJ Rasta Root, and Chip Fu. If the names don’t make you say “oh snap” you should slap yourself for not knowing these guys!



Limited Edition De La Soul Figurines!

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010


I normally don’t plug other private labels, but Kid Robot is doing something amazing! They’ve joined forces with Da La Soul and Myong Kurily to bring a Kid Robot inspired set of De La Soul figurines available on March 18, 2010! It commemorates the 20th anniversary of one of the most influential hip hop albums of all time “3 feet high and rising.”

Check out the info here:


Wordsmith – Tour Guide to New Bride (music video)

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

The second music video off the upcoming Vintage Experience album by Wordsmith is “Tour Guide to New Bride.” While many of Wordsmith’s videos tell a story, there is no doubt that the interspersed narratives in this newest video play well into the notion of the “movie-music video.” Tour Guide to New Bride follows the career of a rising star, our “rapper hero” Wordsmith, as he struggles to meet his obligations in the daily grind, eventually falling in love with his booking agent played by Ally Gunther.

Trey P makes an appearance during the club scene. You’ll see him walking across in a white and blue Ecko track jacket, Amongst Friends hat, and of course Vintage Limited’s “Lion in the City” t-shirt. Wordsmith also sports “The Rock is Steady” t-shirt in the last scene. This is an enjoyable video and like nothing you’ve seen in a minute. Classic storytelling here!

Don’t forget to download your free copy of Wordsmith’s “Vintage Vault” mixtape as a prelude to the “Vintage Experience” official album dropping on March 30th. You can grab the mixtape here.


Trey P sits down with the DMV’s own DJ Gemini

Saturday, March 6th, 2010


I had the chance to catch up with 93.9 FM WKYS’s DJ Gemini at an undisclosed fast food restaurant location in District right before his live broadcast from Ibiza, one of the hottest clubs in the DMV. For those in the know, KYS is one of the top 10 radio markets for urban/hip hop/R& B music in the country. Along with his colleagues, Gemini is a large part of the success.

During our conversation, he opened up to me about the current state of deejaying, fake deejays, the real job of the radio deejay, love and hate in the DMV, his thoughts on Wale and other rising artists, Lil Wayne, and fashion.

Trey P: Who are you and how long have you been doing this?

Gemini: I’m DJ Gemini and I’ve been deejaying for about 30 years. My dad was actually a deejay, and he also owns a music store. I was kind of born into it.

Trey P: What’s the name of the music store he owns?

Gemini: It’s called Sound of Maryland in Oxon Hill, Maryland. He’s originally from Baltimore where he ran Sound of Baltimore.

Growing up in Baltimore you kind of want to be a deejay. I know I did. In DC, everybody grows up with the go-go bands. I put out a Baltimore Club records years ago. I was definitely heavy into Baltimore Club. I’ve got all the Unruly Records. I couldn’t wait to save my lunch money, get on the bus, go down to Howard Street, and go to the music store.

Trey P: But you took the path of a radio deejay instead of staying in the clubs?

Gemini: I started off in the clubs. I really didn’t get into the clubs until I came to DC. Like I said, my dad owns a music store and some guy who works for Liaison Records named DJ Mike Scott used to deejay at the Ritz, a legendary club here. So the Ritz was one of the only clubs in America outside Baltimore that would have Baltimore Club music. The Ritz had like ten rooms. They had a reggae room, three hip hop rooms, a Baltimore Club room…so their thing was “we got to get a DJ from Baltimore.” That was kind of how I got lucky out here. This was twelve years ago, and then I took it from there. Ever since the Ritz, I’ve been fortunate enough to always land in big clubs.

The radio happened when I was really kind of heavy on the downtown scene here in DC. The radio deejays would all be at the same clubs. But it was still hard to get on. DJ Sixth Sense was actually the guy who brought me into the station. Like I said, I pretty much have a relationship with all these guys, DJ Alizay, Quicksilva…all those good guys. So they helped me out. I’ve now got two shows on radio so the last…maybe three years I’ve been just killing it.

Trey P: What’s a typical day look like for you at the station?

Gemini: I go in about 10 am. My show doesn’t start till about 12 pm. My first show is the twelve o’clock mix with Jeannie Jones. Then I have another mix show that comes on at 12 am with DJ Reddz. It’s technically a live show. So what I do is I try to get up there early for the 12 am show. Then I go up after my first show about 12:30 to 1 pm and meet with independent artists. I do music meetings. I get out about 3 pm if I’m lucky and then I go to run the music store with my dad.

Trey P: How has the deejay game changed, say, in the past five years?

Gemini: Man…there’s a few different aspects of the game. Being a deejay, Serato has completely flipped the game. The positives of Serato are you’re not lugging around eight crates. You can carry a lot more music. You’re not normally faced with “well, I don’t have that song.” That helps you as an individual Deejay. The problem with the Serato is after somebody buys Serato they feel like they are a deejay, and you know that ain’t so.

You can find music a lot easier. A lot of people are making music with the computer carriers. A lot of people are making music that should not necessarily be making music because it’s so easy to make. Before, you had to get vinyl pressed and you really had to do a lot to approach a deejay. Now, you can kind of go to your house if you have the Garage Band software. Garage Band is no joke, but it’s made a lot of things easier for the wrong people. Everybody wants to be a DJ.

Trey P: Do you prefer vinyl still?

Gemini: I use vinyl on the air a lot. In the clubs, I use CDs. I still use Serato, but I prefer CDs in the club. You don’t have to worry about bumping tables when you’re on the air.

Trey P: So what do you have going on at WKYS?

Gemini: Same old ratings looking good. So that’s always a good thing. Like I said, I have two shows.

Trey P: What’s the political hierarchy look like at KYS? Is it good? Is it bad?

Gemini: A lot of people think that there’s a lot on the pay-o-la. I personally don’t see it. Let me clear this up. I’m way down at the bottom. Us deejays, we’re kind of low. We’re just the personalities. We’re talking about a really big company. Radio One is huge. We’re really down low on the pole…

Trey P: But you’re also the link to the audience.

Gemini: Right. We’re the link to the streets…the direct link. On a personal level, when I see talent, if I hear things, it’s my job. Right now, it’s like you’re an undercover cop. If someone robs a store, even if you’re not on duty, you still gotta save the people in the store. If I hear something, and I’m out on the streets, I take it there, know what I’m saying? If you win a Grammy, I’m the type of guy who wants to say, I helped him win that Grammy.

Trey P: Is there a lot of love like that in the DMV in your opinion or do you see a lot of factions going on?

Gemini: You know, everybody has their own circle. But, it’s a lot of love too. You hear the hate, but the muth#@$% that hate are kind of nobodies. They don’t matter. I’ve never had any problems from any artists. Tabby is my dog. Wale is a good guy. Kingpen Slim is a great guy. Whitefolkz is my dog. What I see with them all, they all seem to have love for each other so I don’t see [the hate]. But when the door closes at their house…whatever, I don’t know. It seems like a lot of them are starting to realize that if one person makes it…

Trey P: Is that true though? I mean, Wale made it. Do you see everyone making moves with him?

Gemini: I think Wale helped a lot of people. He can’t help everybody. You know what I mean?

Trey P: Yeah, that’s true.

Gemini: So naturally the people that feel like they should have been helped will be kind of pissed off. But at the same time, Wale signed with Interscope, which is a machine. So, there’s only so much that Wale can do.

Trey P: Cause the machine will slash out everybody else.

Gemini: Right. For instance, the Pretty Girls record…that’s the s#$t right now. Wale brought the record to us [WKYS] months ago. He would say, “you know this is the s#$t, but the label isn’t letting me let it go right yet.” I mean, it’s only so much that he can do. He can’t just say, “I’m gonna take everybody in the DMV and get them record deals.”

Trey P: But his break at this point is pivotal because nothing’s come out of here. So he’s breaking it out for everyone.

Gemini: I think Wale did a pretty good job.

Trey P: He hooked it up with Mark Ronson. And Ronson really put him on.

Gemini: Definitely. You know, Mark Ronson is always a good look. Alizay, who pretty much broke Wale, is a good friend of mine. I used to deejay at Platinum. And Alizay was at Platinum. I seen Wale kind of…we got the same watch, man.

Trey P: Oh really (laughs…looks at watch).

Gemini: Anyway, I saw kind of how he was coming up. This is one thing I saw with Wale, kind of going off subject…before Wale’s album came out, and people are not going to like me saying this s#$t…whatever. I think everybody was kind of Wale crazy. So, I said, “I want to see how crazy they are when his first week of sales comes out.” He didn’t do as well as we thought he would do. So where were all these people? You know, people turn on you. People will turn on you quick.

Trey P: That’s true.

Gemini: I think Wale did a pretty good job. All the guys who broke through, Wale, Tabby, Mully right now is killing them, Bossman in Baltimore was really killing them, Raheem. You know, I think people do what they can do. I don’t think Wale got on, Tabby got on, Mully got on and said “f#$k the DMV.” You know what I’m saying? I think they do what they can do.

At the same time, the world is bigger than the DMV. So you kind of have to cater to everyone. So everything can’t be DMV. You can’t make the Pretty Girls f#$king DMV remix because you still got people in Compton, California who don’t give a f#$k about the DMV and don’t need to hear that song. So you kind of have to prepare like that.

Trey P: So what’s your five year plan?

Gemini: Awww…man. I love deejaying.

Trey P: Are you hooking up with any artists right now?

Gemini: Right now my focus is Mully Man. On a personally level, I love deejaying. I know I’m not going to be a DJ for the rest of my life, so hopefully I’ll be running one of these radio stations you hear me on. I do have a daughter. So definitely, taking it to the next level.

Trey P: Do you have anything you want to plug…anything for Mully Man?

Gemini: Mully’s the Twitter king. He’s not hard to find. I’m not hard to find. I’m in the DMV at all the clubs. Just a shout out to everybody. I’m pretty positive. There’s a lot of arrogant deejays out there. But it all kind of catches up to you later in life. It’s karma. I’m doing a little bit of traveling. I’m gonna be on Shade 45 next Sunday with DJ Whoo Kid.

Trey P: So one last question. What are your thoughts on fashion in the hip hop community?

Gemini: It’s a big deal. From Run DMC with the Adidas, Naughty by Nature…man, it’s a real big deal. I’m not a real big fan of the skinny jeans. But what I will say is that is that generation’s. When we were young, we were doing some s$%t that thirty year olds wouldn’t do too. I don’t knock the kids. I don’t like it, but that’s my own personal opinion. You gotta look at it like this on the fashion end. It kind of goes back to music. I love Air Force One’s. I love Timbalands. That’s what I was doing when I was 15. That’s like what’s happening with hip hop.

Trey P: Well, there’s only a couple of guys that are really killing it like Wayne…

Gemini: But Wayne is what’s hot so Wayne is what dictates hip hop. So whatever’s hot…how he dresses normally dictates what you as a fan are gonna want to wear. When Kid ‘n Play was wearing high-top fades that was the craziest looking thing that somebody who was 40 or 50 years then saw. “Why would you want to do that with your hair?” So it’s like Wayne with dreads or the New Boyz with skinny fronts…it’s what kids see. Fashion is fashion in my opinion. I’m not too flashy. I put on my flannel, my North Face vest, and my Timbs.

Trey P: Gemini, thanks for your thoughts and insights.

Gemini: Thanks.

For more info:



Vintage Limited teams up with Cred Magazine for Indulj!

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010


If you’re in the DC area this Friday and you’re looking for a party spot, come out to Indulj Lounge where Vintage Clothing Limited will be on hand sponsoring the Cred Magazine party (www.credxtra.com) which celebrates the release of the new issue. We expect to see DJ Alizay from 93.9 FM on the 1s and 2s as well.

I’ll be joined by Wordsmith (www.wordsmithmusic.com) and Coast2Coast mixtape DJ Ykcor (www.coast2coastmixtapes.com)

Also on hand…come out and meet Samantha Reynard, Vintage Clothing Limited’s resident female model.

Dress to impress! And while you can’t wear street wear, including Vintage Limited, we expect to have some on display for you touchy-feely types.

Indulj is located in the U Street Corridor of DC, in the same vicinity as the world-famous Ben’s Chili Bowl (as seen in the Wale video “Chillin’”)   For more information on Indulj or for directions, visit their website at: www.induljdc.com  Hope those of you in the area can make it out!


Wordsmith Rocks Red Maple Tonight!

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010


Wordsmith (a.k.a. Wordsmith the Great) will be performing at Red Maple in Baltimore, Md this evening and Vintage Clothing Limited is the sponsor.  If you haven’t seen a live Wordsmith performance, you’re in for a treat. This trained theater major works the floor like nobody’s business.

Red Maple is one of Baltimore’s premier venues for hip hop and they’ve teamed up with PedX for their Tuesday night event called Always Dope.  Event starts @ 9 pm and goes until 2 am.  Free until 10 pm. $5.00 after.  Great drink prices. Great music!

Also, mark your calendars for these other dates as Wordsmith starts to fill his live show schedule to promote his first album drop on March 30, 2010 and beyond!

Wordsmith @ Red Maple (Baltimore, MD March 2, 2010)

Wordsmith @ SOBs (New York City March 24, 2010)

Wordsmith @ Zanzibar (Washington, DC March 25, 2010)

Wordsmith @ Eye Bar (Washington, DC March 30, 2010)

Wordsmith @ in the London, England and Paris, France (for two weeks in April 2010 – locations TBA)

Wordsmith @ The Ocean City Car Show (Ocean City, MD June 5-6, 2010)

Wordsmith @ Dub Magazine Custom Car Show & Concert  (Ocean City, MD  August 7-8, 2010)


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